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The Author, Gerritje Galloway has written the highly successful book “The Resting Place” The Resting Place has been comprehensively researched and written as an arousing introduction and celebration of a land and it’s people in a constantly changing environment. It is where the essence of life was once sown and will never die.
The ancestors of this land have bestowed a responsibility for us all. This book is but a taste of an integral part of Australia’s rich history. It is a story of the Indigenous people and the coming together of all Australians as one, sharing their dynamic culture, heritage, traditions and the spiritual link of their ancestral lands.
Over thousands of years, Australians have adapted to the unique conditions of their environment.
The Resting Place embraces a local history of the traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people and Burpengary Creek in southeast Queensland. Topography, climatic conditions and soil types influence this little stream if clear water that gives life to a rare lowland rainforest riparian ecosystem and is home to a four hundred year old Moreton Bay fig. This inspiring habitat tree grows tall with its branches reaching through the rainforest canopy. Substantial thick, soft, buttressed roots twist and turn anchoring it, creating a mystical, magical resting place.
This book is for all Australians and visitors, students, researchers and community representatives. It is for the independent, feisty, and the romantic.
Those who have a general interest to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Australia’s rich cultural heritage and the uniqueness of this environment will find “The Resting Place” enlightening.

Since publishing “The Resting Place” with high demand Gerritje has completely sold out of the first print run. BUT she has gone back to the printer for more books which are now available for purchase.

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Caboolture News  August 16, 2013

“Resting place to be launched at Caboolture expo”

“The Resting Place” book by Gerritje Galloway – http://www.caboolturenews.com.au/news/resting-place-to-be-launched-at-caboolture-expo/1987522/




The Resting Place, by Gerritje Galloway has been the result of a genuine endeavour to write a more honest account of a wonderful aspect of our local history. Gerritje has shown great respect for the customs, and culture of our local ‘Pre-European Indigenous Landowners’. She has openly engaged as many sources on our local history as she has been able to find, respecting the local Indigenous peoples’ needs and culture, while drawing out information that was viable and accurate…

This book is truly worth reading, it will help a person to understand the reality that before white settlement there was a vibrant, breathing, dynamic culture … a vibrant culture whose people who respected and protected their natural environment, including its wildlife and flora.

… possibly the last pure link we had to a world that white settlers, and their descendants, still do not understand in the way they should. “

Warwick H Hill (Jnr)

Nursery Manager

Caboolture Region Environmental Education Centre

Community Nursery



“I applaud you on compiling the cultural history of the area in conjunction with the traditional owner of the land. I will be a great resource for current and future generations.”

Darren Grimwade MP

Member of Morayfield


A big fan of yours